Laurel Corporate Center & 1000 Bishops Gate – Mt. Laurel, NJ

Property Type: Office Building
Built/Renovated: See Below
Purchased: Late 2015
Total Square Feet: 560,147
Land Area: 551.93 acres

Totaling over one million square feet of Class A office space, Laurel Corporate Center consists of ten (10) Class A office buildings, five of which are still owned by the original developer/owner Whitesell Construction Inc., while the other five buildings are being acquired by Zamir Equities. With the diversity of buildings, Laurel Corporate Center can provide the utmost flexibility for corporate growth within the complex. Five buildings include the following:

Detailed Information

2000 Midlantic Drive is a 4-story 123,466 square foot Class A office building that provides a very efficient floor plan with one of the largest office foot prints in Southern New Jersey. Tenants include Guaranteed Rate Affinity, Maser Consulting, and ECI Software Solutions.

4000 Midlantic Drive is a 3-story 46,945 square foot Class A office building that has been completely gutted and is currently home to Gallagher Benefit Services and Arc Home LLC.

Both 2000 and 4000 Midlantic Drive have recently undergone complete lobby renovations, and both have multi-story lobby entrances. They share an on-site café amenity, a fitness center and a meeting area that can be reserved by tenants. 4000 Midlantic has outstanding view lines with floor-to-ceiling windows.

9000 Midlantic Drive is a 3-story 67,299 square foot Class A office building with excellent visibility from NJ Route 38 and a beautiful granite façade. Corporate tenants include Parker McCay and Bolton Partners Northeast.

10000 Midlantic Drive is considered the best and largest building in the portfolio. 10000 Midlantic Drive is a 4-story, 186,908 square foot Class A office building consisting of two wings that are connected by a dramatic 4-story glass atrium. The building has an on-site café amenity, a fitness center, outdoor and atrium seating area, walking trail, pond views with wooded setting, a loading dock, and freight elevator. Tenants include Tower Watson Delaware, QAD Inc, and Stantec Consulting Service.

15000 Midlantic Drive is a 2-story 84,056 square foot that has recently become a preferred location for medical uses and is leased to multiple medical tenants. Marshall Dennehy is also the major tenant at this building.

1000 Bishops Gate is located in the Bishops Gate Corporate campus, which is home to several corporate headquarters including Insurance Services Office, AIG Claims Inc, and Severa Health LLC. Located at the intersection of I-295 and Route 38, 1000 Bishops Gate was completed in 2005 and is a 3-story, 53,281 square foot Class A office building with the building fronts on Route 38, providing excellent visibility and easy access. The building features granite flooring in the lobby and European style bathroom stalls with granite counter tops.

Parking Details

Built/Renovated: Information below

  • 2000 Midlantic
    • 1989
  • 4000 Midlantic
    • 1981
  • 9000 Midlantic
    • 1989
  • 10,000 Midlantic
    • 1990
  • 15,000 Midlantic
    • 1991
  • 1000 Bishops Gate
    • 2005


  • 2000 Midlantic
    • 4.7 per 1000 square feet (Shared with 4000 Midlantic)
  • 10,000 Midlantic
    • 4.5 per 1000 square feet
  • 15,000 Midlantic
    • 4 per 1000 square feet
  • 1000 Bishops Gate
    • 4.5 per 1000 square feet

Laurel Corporate Center
& 1000 Bishops Gate

Mount Laurel, New Jersey

leasing contact

  • CBRE
  • 1000 Howard Boulevard
    Suite 104
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054